Slice’s Guitar Mod 0.1

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Audio Editing, Cover Videos, Instruments, Micing Amp's, Music, Music, Music, Music & Slice

Slice has been working on his main guitar for the last couple of week. this is a project to take his main axe form its original look and sound to a complete new level. in this first phase he has removed the original colour


And repainted it Black.


The neck has be repaired and smoothened out. A complete fret levelling, re-crowning  and polishing was done. There has been some minor work done on the electronics but majorly to clean the wiring in the back, the nut needed a bit of scarfing, the instrument has been reassembled with the original pickups, neck and tremolo. because of the work done on it it was re setup. the intonation was checked and needed no further twitching.     

DSC01709DSC01778(1) Before and After.

Only on thing still to accomplish, we need a name for her.

Thanks for reading.

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© Ian A. Burt 2012

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