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Posted: December 3, 2011 in General

It some times fascinates me, how from the seed of inspiration, just an spark of an Idea, we can start adding layers and layers of ideas and content to produce a piece of work. I’m not only talking about a piece of art in the form of music, it could be any simple result. Making this result come true, is creative, but not necessarily artistic. The result may be so, but the process may be just that, a process. More inspirational in some cases or more rational in others. Either way there is a dire need to exploring a method and refining it over time.

It doesn’t really matter how you do it, if it works for you. But be sure that it always take determination, effort and time, there is no silver bullet or shortcuts. I have been doing music for over 40 years now, I used to be an instrument player and a musician. I need to clarify this point, because you may play an instrument and not be a musician less lightly, and you can be a musician without playing any instrument quite common, though the most common is that you do both. As an instrument player I played guitar, not close to decently. As a musician I have done things in and out, but never 100% as a professional. All my work was and is mediocre, not because anyone else has said so but because I say so myself.

Why am I telling you this. Well first, because I now have the opportunity to understand my own process of getting things done much better, also because I have more that just inspiration I have technical abilities that help bring the inspiration to the right port, I even have a conductor that will be the the catalyst to the final result. I have however the need to be fair, Slice is a much more talented musician than I never was, he has the feel & the touch to make musical magic. As Salieri would say about Mozart “He has the gift, I do not”. So my job is to channel this talent and use my experience in trying to make the spot light shine on him & not on me. I am privileged in being part of his try for success, and putting all my energy in the job of doing so.


But Slice’s talent is not only with the guitar, he also is good with piano, and drums. ok I know I am his Father, but make you own opinion and leave it in the comment see his videos, the early ones when he was 14 and 15. I try to be objective as much as I can. We all see that he still is in the learning road, in music you always are.


I listen to him practice almost every day and you here that he picks up a song and works his way through it as I never was able to. he hears something in the radio and hums it out twice the he picks up his guitar and it is as if he had been playing it for weeks.

We have several things going at the time right now but the main project is what we call STW. it is not original material form Slice but we all think it is a very innovative idea and the development of this is a major task and Slice and I hope to spend most of 2012 on this project before it see’s the light.


Please follow Slice on his channel leave comments and subscribe to help promote his work. we will keep the videos coming at as a regular rate as possible. 


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

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