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Posted: November 20, 2011 in Music & Slice
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Before I start getting further into the how’s and how not’s of the “Slice” project, I need to stop and put down some thoughts first. Since most of my personal contribution will be technical and a little creative, I will blog mainly on the ins and outs of the project and it’s technical challenges and our victories or failures. This is then a necessary starting point. One of the most important if not the only important aspect of these YouTube amateur video covers is the artist & his performance, both musical and dramatic. Of course the covered artist is paramount, since his is the merit for the piece and the recognition given by the covering artist. But for the cover to succeed the covering artist has to put on a valuable performance giving his best in delivering the pieces soul to the potential viewers.  This however obvious it may seem, is not as simple as said. When covering any artist if you can’t make contact with the viewer there is no magic, you may have performed perfectly but if the intensity and the soul is not there, all that has been proven is that you have the skills necessary to mimic the technical aspect of the music. But fall out in the musical part as an art itself. 


When Performing an artist must get into the appropriate mental sate (this doesn’t mean drugs or alcohol intoxication), he has to make the music become his own, reach deep down into himself and find the place where that music touches him. Then pull it up and out flooding it in to his performance. This may or may not work on the viewer, but it is the only way of brining your own musical talent out. We don’t need repeat machines we buy the CD if we want to re listen to the music, we listen to other performers to se how they deliver the piece what they have in them that customizes the song without loosing it’s identity. When a performing artist manages to get to this place in his inner self  and bring it out he has a golden shot at getting through to the viewers and audience, and gifting us all with something memorable. Getting there is a form of art and not an easy one, when performing live the live audience and the adrenalin help build a symbiosis that provides the mental state that helps you getting there. But in the cold studio it is not that easy. You need to get there with no help, a green backdrop, the hole place flooded in lights and a nasty looking camera staring at you. Slice and I have been working on this for some weeks, working with pre session warm ups and focus exercises. Slice know understands that when he get’s in front of the camera he is exposed to the potential of reaching 1 or 1 million plus viewers, that will be on the other side of that lenses that he has 4 meters away.  He is also aware that he only has one chance to give a first impression and that this chance marks the difference of gaining or losing the viewers attention once and for ever. he knows he needs to look to the viewer in the eye and say out loud, “I am Slice, and I am pleased you are here, I hope you enjoy my performance because I am doing it for you”  He needs to say this once and again to every person that comes across his videos.

Over acting or pretending is not the solution we have been over this many times and we are both clear on that. it may seem cool to do some head banging or fun moves but it is not real, feeling something is natural and expressing this feeling can be done in may different ways. If you mean what you are doing and you have brought it out from your inside soul it will shine and irradiate. there are so many colours and tones to music and self expression that you have to learn to use your own pallet, adding new colours with every performance. You don’t need a trained ear to notice the difference, anyone can tell a good from an exceptional performance. The essence of music as  of every art form is this, perfect is perfect the next step is art.

Of course you can get better as an artist, with time and training it becomes easier to find the source & you become more skilful in the technical part of the performance. You build bigger and stronger ties between the Skill and the Feel & Soul.

So from here I hope Slice the best of luck in his quest and present him with my respect since he is the true artist that will do the magic, I will only hold the hat and cape.

Ian A Burt

Visit Slice’s You Tube Channel at

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