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Posted: November 14, 2011 in Music & Slice
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This entry is about music, not that much about myself but about what I really am up to and how it is coming along. I have decided to embark myself in a project that is not mine, since it belongs to Slice. the original idea is his, he is the artist and I have come along for the fun. It all started a year ago and has been taking shape ever since. After attending a live show in spring, he came up with a great idea, he was going to do a full cover of a rock master piece full double LP. Playing all guitars including base and some of the keyboard scores. The intention is to record them in Video and HQ Audio. mixing the audio tracks as if in a professional studio, and recording the video simultaneously with different cameras to get different view during all instrument performances.  This means that the final raw material we will be working with will add up to more than 100 audio tracks and over 200 video tracks. Slice will be doing all the performance and I can anticipate that is a colossal task, and I am looking forward to seeing him at it. I on the other hand, am going to be the recording (audio and video), the mixing, producing, editing and directing (also for all A&V) part of the job, and the coffee boy, Not bad for coming along for a ride?. We have been at its, since late June, hard work so far. We have built the video recording set (we pretend to do it all in Chroma key). That means getting a space down in the basement, cleaning it up and getting the lights in. getting the backdrop Chroma cloth in, getting all the bounce surfaces and camera placements for the different shots looked up and validated. In parallel we have arranged the audio recording environment. this has been a headache I have a set of very loud servers in the basement  and they just cant be turned off for recording so I have managed to build some DIY isolation boots for the micing and recording of all audio, and getting no bleed from the server fans or anything. Since Slice will perform live he needs also to have a clear monitor system setup so he can hear the original track and his own cover playing and at the same time prevent that to bleed in to the mics. so far so good, we now have the setup & and I must say it is working, still some ideas I want to try out but we are very pleased with how it is going. we have set our release goal for October next year. Slice is 17 now and will be 18 by then he is busy studying and I have a full time Job so we are using days off, weekends and some spare time we can steal form other duties. we are scheduling to have all recorded by May and star the A&V editing and production early summer, so that we can go in to finals by early fall. we have started recording 2 weeks ago and we are both very happy with the audio results so far, and content with the video.

There are still big questions we haven’t answered, we will be covering a commercial product and we will be displaying it for free but we do intend to seek the IP owners permission to do this under the copyrights. we are not doing this with any commercial we want no economical compensation. we will get the project finished because it is what we want to do and if we cant share it with the world we will keep it for our self.  This is mainly the reason why we wont be saying the master pieces name or the original author and performer.

During the next months I will be providing an inside view of the making of, and will add more stills and maybe videos. I will provide links cool resources I have used to learn about the things I have needed and explain how I took that info and exploited it.

I will review all my mistakes why and how, and so far there have been quite a few. provide tips and directions of how much fun we are having getting this thing to its feet, list the full budget (with my wife’s permission) and all the gear and equipment setup.

I have added some pictures of the recording sessions and some of the setup. I will go over this in more detail in future posts


Slice during a sound check.


Slice in a Video Session.


Tuning next to the isolation booth for the amps.


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